Frequently Asked Questions

Hydro Dipping or Water transfer printing is a process of applying an ink design that is on a film material, using water to adhere a design to a paintable item. The process goes like this:
  • An item that is paintable is prepared with a base coat.
  • A tank of water is used and a film design is laid on top of the water.
  • A chemical is sprayed over the film design, which will dissolve the film but leaves the ink design floating on top of the water.
  • Then the item enters the water at an angle to allow the film design to cover the item with as little distortion as possible.  However, a little distortion or stretching of the design is what makes this process unique and very cool looking.
  • Once the item is fully dipped, it is then rinsed off and allowed to dry.
  • Then an automotive clear coat (either a mat or gloss finish) is applied several times to protect it from peeling or fading.  This is the same step that body shops use to repair vehicles.
Each item/product will vary depending on the complexities of dipping the item and number of parts to the item. Below are 2 examples:
  • Helmet – A normal 1-film design dip with no custom airbrushing added to the helmet will take between 3 to 5 days.
  • 4/5-piece motorcycle - A normal 1-film design dip with no custom airbrushing added to the motorcycle will take between 7 to 14 days.

Any item that can be painted can be dipped.  Some finishes need extra prep work, which can add to the length of the process.

Some wood products can be very porous which will alter the look of the film design when completed. Please ask prior to sending the item.

Size does matter at this point.  We have a 10 foot tank so we are limited to items less than 10 feet in length.

We, of course, want you to be completely satisfied with the product you purchase from Hydrodipper. If you purchased a stocked product from our website and wish to either exchange or return the item we will accommodate you.

There will be a $10.00 re-stocking fee and shipping will be your responsibility. We can ship you another item.

If there is a difference in price we will either charge you the additional cost or refund you the difference. The only additional charge will be the cost of shipping the item.

All returns must be received within 30 days of purchase/receipt of the item.

If a refund is to be made, and the item was purchased on a gift card, a gift card will be issued as the form of refund.

Custom or personalized items cannot be returned for a refund. If there is a problem, due to the dipping process, we will correct the issue.

We guarantee the finish of your dipped product for life from fading or peeling.
As stated in the guarantee, the finish of your dipped product for life from fading and peeling.

Absolutely!  Our Master Dipper is also an accomplished airbrush artist.

He can help you create a totally unique Hydro Dipped product.

If you have a specific item you would like us to get or even carry as a stocked item, please let us know.

We will do everything we can to get the item for you and help you create a unique Hydro Dipped product.

Our production facility and showroom is located in Springfield, VA:

7702-M Backlick Road
Springfield, VA 22150

You can either bring your product in person to our Production Facility/Showroom or you can ship it to us. An authorization is required to send any items to our facility. Please call 1-844-234-9376 to get shipping authorization before sending us your project.
Absolutely! You can purchase a gift certificate through our website and we will email it to the recipient.

Yes you can.  We have the capability to recreate your logo and apply it to the Hard Hat along with the design you choose.

What a great way to personalize and let your personality/creative side come through!  Your crews will love it.

Yes you can!

We have the capability to print names, which can be applied to an item to personalize any design.

If you purchase an item from our website of stocked products, once the purchase has been completed, the item will take 3 to 5 days to go through the dipping process (on most products).

Once the item has been completed, the item will be shipped out the next business day.  A notification that your item has been shipped will be emailed to you.

We do not disassemble any items.  We require all items to come to us disassembled.  This is for your protection.

We do not want to be responsible if there is any damage done due to the disassembly.

Hydro dipper understands that sometimes your purchase is not a perfect fit. For that reason, we offer customers the option to return or exchange most items purchased within 30 days of receipt.

For your convenience, returns can be taken to our Production Facility/Showroom in Springfield, VA or returned via mail for items purchased online.

Click here to see our Return Requirements.